Mr. Taylor's

Studio Art


According to the Polk County Code of Student Conduct

“Make-Up for Absences For excused absences, the student shall have a reasonable amount of time, no fewer than the number of days absent plus two (2) to complete and hand in work for credit, to complete make-up work for excused absences. Principals may grant extensions to the make-up time limit for extenuating circumstances.

For unexcused absences, work missed during the student's first three (3) days of unexcused absences during a semester is expected to be made up. This includes absences caused by an out-of-school suspension. The right of students to make up work on the fourth unexcused absence and all other days of unexcused absences per semester may be denied."

Grading Policy

I have three catagories of Grades that will be handled in three different ways.

20% In-Class Assignments_ These assignments are always one day assignments meant to be completed in a single class period. I will allow students to make these up, if it falls within their first three unexcused absences.

20% Studio Performance_This grade is a weekly grade based on studio performance. Students will lose twenty points per day for every unexcused absence after the third absence. I will provide a makeup assignment for the first three unexcused absences, if asked, upon the student's return to school. I have included the following link to the Stududio Performance Rubric that spells out my criteria for this grade.

Studio Performance Rubric

60% Project Grade _As you can see this grade is significantly more consequential to your grade. These grade are for more long term assignments that might take more than a week. I will allow students additional time for their first three unexcused absences, but this does not neccessarily mean a student will get additional days to turn in an assignment. For example, if a student is absent Monday and returns to school on Tuesday, they have until Friday to make up the work. If the assignment is due on Friday then I would expect the assignment to be turned in on schedule.

▪ I will only provide the opportunity for make-up work for three unexcused absences per semester.

▪ It is the responsibility of the student to ask for the required make up work.

▪ It will sometimes be impossible for me to assist a student with their makeup work during our regular class time. Arrangements can be made to stay after school for individual help with makeup work on a case by case basis.